Private Aesthetics for Men

Flatiron District, New York

Stay Handsome.  Skip the Rest.


The qualities that make a man compelling take decades to acquire: confidence, grit, gravitas.

A man needs to look old enough to know what he is doing and young enough to have the stamina to run a company or two.

My belief is that less is more when it comes to men’s aesthetics. Tailored skin care, a hairline that makes you feel confident and a strong jawline can be personally and professionally transformative.

I employ the most advanced non-surgical techniques to keep you handsome. Even a bit devastating.


The majority of my clients are accomplished professionals.  They are aggressive in business and take similar charge of their health with exercise and diet.  They view their appearance through the same lens.  Hair loss is a perennial problem I am most asked to solve. Men used to waste tons of money on snake oil therapies.  But that's all changed.

I believe in strategy and due diligence.  I work with a skilled pharmacist to create scientifically proven, prescription grade, compounded topicals that work.  And I offer the most state-of-the art hair grafting and cell-based treatments available.

Early stage loss can be treated with platelet therapy. Known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), this medical breakthrough is used in sports medicine and has reportedly healed the injuries of athletes, including Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. 


There have been incredible advances in aesthetic and surgical techniques and I devote a great deal of time to continuing my education and staying abreast of the latest research.

But I’m sorry to report that there are still no miracles.

Like an exercise regimen, ongoing maintenance of your skin is the surest path to a youthful appearance and the earlier you start, the less invasive treatment will be.


We are located in a discrete Flatiron building. There is no waiting room and you will never see another client during your private consultation or treatment.

There is no extraneous paperwork. Billing is handled efficiently, electronically, at your convenience.

We don’t sell products. We sell expertise. You will never be pushed into buying something you don’t need.

Sometimes you need a plastic surgeon to help you avoid plastic surgery


A graduate of Yale College and Georgetown Medical School, I trained in surgery at Harvard University and in plastic surgery at the Mayo Clinic.

I’m one of few plastic surgery graduates to have gone on to complete a one-year Aesthetic Surgery fellowship at the prestigious New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, where I trained under the tutelage of some of Manhattan’s finest aesthetic surgeons.

I still don’t advocate surgery as a first resort and know there is a better, smarter way.

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